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*Okay I'VE decided to start this one up again, mainly due to indigo_beaty, cuz she asked, :P okay, I cant remeber what exactly happened, so I'm going to make something up to start up again*

Peter was bored, after all the excitement of Wolf and Hook everything had gone quiet, for the past few days nothing had happened.
He flew around listelesly looking for an adventure. He was flying overhead the forest when he noticed Tiger Lily sitting on a treestump looking miserable.
He flew down,
"Hello Tiger Lily" He said
"Hello Pan" Tiger Lily replied in a sad voice
"Whats up?"
Tiger LIly shrugged, then she said
"John has...Gone to...London" She said slowly,
Pan didnt say anything, but he sat down next to her,
"He's not very clever then is he?"
Tiger Lily shrugged again, not wanting to say anything against John.
Pan fell silent
"Hey, I know" His eyes twinkled mischeviously
"What! What is it? Tell me" Tiger Lily begged
Pan leaned over and whispered something in her ear, a big smile formed on Tiger LIlys face

*Hey Cheney, you think of somethinng to happen, I cant think of anything :P)
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