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Wendy was busy reading to the lost boys, when all of a sudden she heard a crash outside.
almost instantly she was out there, racing through the air like a bullet.
right into the arms of a disgusting unwashed greasy haired pirate.
she tried to shout, but no words came out.
the pirate dragged her through the forest, strangly he managed to be reletevly quiet, snapping an odd tree here and there.
wendy was terrorfied
usually she had help on hand butthis time she was all alone, john was gone the lost boys were back in the den michael was too young and peter where was peter, probably with that tigerlilly, it seemed he had forgotton about wendy as if she may as well go home he didnt reallly want her staying.
then as if hit by lightning, she didnt care, no one gave if she was killed by pirates, michael would be a tad upset but he would soon get over it, mother and father would never know, john wouldnt care, and peter as for peter he probably wouldnt notice.
a silent stream of tears ran down her face, she felt as if she was drifting offinto another land.
THEN the pirate shook her and next moment they were on the pirate ship.
Wendy surrounded by pirates,
she was quite scared of dying and she wasnt toally sure she wanted to
"damn" she thought to herself " where is help when you need it"
some one carry on the story and help wendy out of this mess, thanks :D
ooh my journal is now totally friends only i am proud of ma self.
love you
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