Bri (peterpanswench) wrote in you_can_fly,

WOlf looked down to where the pirate threw Wendy on the ground, her look was condescending, she really couldn't stand a girl who couldn't fight back. The men yelled of what they would do with her, that they would feed the croc tonight, and she watched in silence. She noticed her husband did the same, that Hook did nothing. She waited for him to do something, and Hook walked forward, taking Wendy's chin and making her look at him.

"I'll give my lady a choice with you, what shall we do Wolf?" he was testing her again, he was always testing her. Wolf walked over to Wendy, pulled her up from the ground and looked her up and down.

"Not pirate material if you ask me, too weak." she said icily. "I don't see why you brought her here in the first place, no meat on her to feed the croc and no use to us that I can see. Just let her go, it will just get pan on our backs if we kill her." she sighed at saying his name, she felt a lump rise in her throat but she suppressed it. He dropped her like a sack of potatoes after rescuing her, she would forget him, or try to. Or at least make him happy in trying to not have his girl killed.
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