Bri (peterpanswench) wrote in you_can_fly,

After most of the pirates had gone to bed or passed out after the party, Wolf stumbled off the ship into a smaller boat, and rowed to shore. She was pretty drunk by now, but she was unfortunately one of those emotional drunks and had decided to go find Peter. She walked through the woods screaming "PETER!! Peter bloody Pan! WHERE ARE YOU?!" she hiccuped and wasn't looking and walked right into a bear trap that brought her swinging up, hanging by her ankle. She screamed in surprise and pain as it tightened around her ankle. She tried to swing herself up to untie herself, and was in that predicament when Pan found her, landing in front of her with a mocking smile.

"Need help?"

"Not from you." she muttered, and continue to try to get herself down.

"Bet the indians didn't expect to catch a wolf in that trap." he laughed, grabbing her nose and then jumping away before she could hit him.

"argh, you're such a stupid little boy."

"Really, is that how you think then?"

"Yes, yes I do." she huffed as she finally got ahold of the rope, untied it and fell to the ground. She swore and stood up, and brushed herself off.

"Well I guess you don't want to see me then..." he began to fly off but she grabbed him by the ankle and he fell, caught off guard. She had him pinned to the ground, and smiled. he looked confused, what was this this girl, one minute calling him a stupid boy and the next smiling at him? "You are a silly girly."

"Oh well." she said, and leaned down to kiss him. It wasn't a childhood kiss like with tigerlily, or an innocent kiss like with wendy, but one full of passion, a dangerously grown up kiss.

(a littler happy indigo_beauty?)
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