Bri (peterpanswench) wrote in you_can_fly,

"When did I grow up enough to feel these things?" Wolf said as she plopped herself down on her bed. "I killed Hook, I'm captian of the bloody Jolly Roger. I'm a PIRATE God damn it, how am I falling in love with this boy, who should be my enemy? And that Tiger Lily, what was she doing with my necklace?" she said as she placed it back around her neck. It was hers now again, she'd earned it back in Hook's murder. She wasn't sure why she hadn't just taken it back right away, but something kept her away from it. But on her neck was the safest place for it. "I need to go see him."

She put on her sword, made sure her dagger was in her boot, smoothed her hair, and walked outside her cabin. "Smee, I will be gone on the island for a few days, and no, I don't want anyone to accompamy me. I'm going to get my bearings for this island some more." she jumped into the lifeboat, and rowed herself to shore, jumping onto the sand and striding inland. "Now for me to remember where that odd home of his is..."
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