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Yeah, I used your character, but I had to make Wolf get that Tiger Lily stole it cause she gets it.

Tiger Lily saw Wolf walking through the forest, and she went over to her. "You!" Wolf turned. "Savage, if you don't stay away from the ship, I will slit your redskin throat without a thought!" Tiger Lily just shook her head, and touched the necklace. She was surprised the pirate did not back away. "I took mother...she is also dead." Tiger Lily struggled. SHe reached in her dress and pulled out a necklace of her own, a string of shells with an arrowhead hung from them. "I understand." She said, and disappeared. Wolf was puzzled and then she pushed the incident out of her mind, cutting her way through the leaves. She was too busy for the ramblings of a savage.

(((Please join tigerlilyandpan also, we need members- feel free to make a character, but there is NO WENDY and we love LOVE spice it up, ha ha)))
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