M. (lickety_split) wrote in you_can_fly,

John Darling

What to do now? What to do now? What to do now?

A wandering traveler may have noticed a boy in a nightgown and slippers standing at the edge of a tall cliff, hands behind his back and a top hat perched on his head. The traveler would have seen that he appeared very serene.. perhaps the traveler may have thought the boy would jump. But no, John Darling would not be so much of a coward to end his life.. besides, he wasn't brave enough to jump over... quite the conundrum eh? No, John Darling is heartbroken.

"And to think, I got duped by a savage! A mere savage! How could she? I promised her that I would return and I had believed that she would be faithful to me and wait. What a fool I am to believe that she could be civil.... faithful... that she could love me?"

John remained still, not speaking for several minutes and then breaking into rapture: "But I, John Darling, shall be a fool no more! I will no longer be a slave for wanting the love of a savage! No apologies will crack the now black heart of John Darling, no sir! From now on, I'm a man who shall never again love! Miss Tiger Lily... no! Only a lady should deserve such a title... Tiger Lily the Savage will live in my heart no more! And I will not allow her to beg and apologize her way to into my heart!!"

For a minute, John felt good about himself but soon slipped back into a self-absorbed depression. if only love were so easy to vanquish.
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