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Kid [BBC]


John sat on the cliff and let his feet dangle. Fear filled his veins as he looked down, and he tingled slightly, enjoying the adrenaline rush. Suddenly, a hand took his tophat off his head and as he turned, there was a rush of air. He looked ahead and Peter floated Indian-style in front of him, dangling the hat. John steamed and turned his face away haughtily. Peter placed the hat back on his head, and began to speak. "John, she really loves you, and those kisses mean nothing- I certainly don't feel anything from them. It's all fun." John stood up and made a fist. "Sir, trifling with a lady's heart is not fun! It is cruel, and I will have you know that Tiger Lily is a valuable lady who does not deserve to fall victim to your games, unfeeling lowlife!" Peter grinned and "stood" in the air. "Knew you cared about her. I'll inform her you think she's a valuable lady." John turned red, and sat down, putting his head in his hands. A few moments later, a dark hand tilted his chin up, and he looked into the dark brown eyes of Tiger Lily. She kissed him lightly on the cheek and pulled away, looking at him intently. He regarded her, and realized how much he cared for her. In one sweeping motion, he closed the space between them, wrapped her in his arms and kissed her passionately on the lips. SHe gasped, surprised, and then returned the smooch, letting her hand slide up the back of his neck. He held her head in his lap and bent over, kissing her as her arms hung from his neck and her leg bent and slid forward, depending on the passion level. They sat entwined on the cliff all afternoon, and there was no doubt to any passerby that the two were in love.
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