Gin In Teacups (blackbeads) wrote in you_can_fly,
Gin In Teacups


she walked away from the house.
in a kind of daze.
she realised what a nasty bitch she had been, she acted way to grown up and too sarky.
she walked about a bit, trying to think.
yeh sure she was sad.
but neverland was messing with her mind.
thing is.
she didnt want to go home.
she carried on walking for about 3 hours all in the early hours of the morning.
suddenly she tripped over a tree root, it was pitch black. as she was falling she heard herself scream, but just as she was about to hit the ground she felt some firm but young hands clasp her firmly around the waist.
"its okay, ive got you" said a familiar voice.
"peter" wendy said agast, " look im sorry ive acted like a prat im so so so sorry, i wish things were all right again, i really do, i wish me and tigerlilly could be friends and i wish everything was happya nd back to normal, i know i came here and screwed everything up with my adult ways and whatnot, but i want another chance...please?"
the she heard another voice, it was tigerlilly " well im gunn ahve to think about that" said tigerlly softly.....

(carry it on from here indigo_beauty please)
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