Kid [BBC] (indigo_beauty) wrote in you_can_fly,
Kid [BBC]

Older, wiser, revamped the fuck up. What a great post of death.

Tiger Lily stepped forward and twisted Wendy's hair around her fingers, winding it until it pulled her scalp. "If you want a second chance, maybe you should consider what he's doing to us. He likes to have us both. What a grownup feeling- selfishness. I say if he wants grownup, we'll give it to him." She and Wendy turned and enticed Peter to the forest floor. While Tiger Lily stuck her tongue in his mouth once more, Wendy undid the clasp on his pants. She slipped them to the floor and lowered herself. Peter gasped in Tiger Lily's mouth. She straddled him and kissed him hard and hot. After a while, she smacked Wendy's bobbing head and signaled. They switched places and Tiger Lily slipped her dress over her head, then reached forward and pulled off Wendy's. Wendy showed Peter how to satisfy her, and she felt his tongue slip inside her. Tiger Lily rocked his hips in a pattern as she felt him slide inside her over and over again. When he was tired, the two girls woke him up by kissing each other on top of him. They all felt so good to do grownup things at last. It was beautiful, and the three of them had discovered a solution at last. It was all just as it should be.
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