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Is this okay? And by the way, my new icon rocks

Wolf began to walk to her room from above the ship. The past events of the week had worn her out intensely, and she just wanted to think- no, thinking was what had gotten her into this mess with Pan. She needed sleep. As she walked by Hook’s cabin, the hair on the back of her neck stood up. Quietly, she slipped into it. She heard a rush of air, and when she was entirely in the room, it was deserted. She walked around, checking the hiding places, and when she opened the armoire, behind a fine velvet coat lay Tiger Lily. She grabbed her braid, clapped a hand over her mouth and tucked her under her arm, carrying the small girl across the hall into her own cabin. When they were inside, with the door locked, she threw the Indian across the bed. “What were you doing in Hook’s cabin, savage?” Now, of course, Wolf was not racist- she found that cursing and evil racist names gave her an air of harshness. Tiger Lily began to answer in Iroquois, and of course, this was no help. “What did you steal?” demanded Wolf. Tiger Lily held out a clasped hand, but just then, they heard the click of the porthole opening. Wolf opened a cabinet and pushed Tiger Lily inside without a thought, standing and leaning against it as Peter flew inside the window.


Now of course, there were keyholes in every cabinet, for Hook had insisted they have the appearance of a security system. Tiger Lily peeked through it and listened, watching the two like a hawk. “Wolf,” Peter said huskily, standing close to her, “Why are we doing this? Why do we run, keep these secrets and hide these feelings?” She swallowed but kept silent and he leaned against the cabin across from Tiger Lily’s cabinet. “Wolf.” She looked up. “You have to realize that I am scared also. I have never had feelings like this for anyone, not even Wendy…and I think you feel for me, too.” Wolf bit her lip and looked at the ground. Tentatively, he grasped her hips and pulled her until they were so close that if she’d tipped her head forward it would hit his nose on the way down. Softly, Peter tilted her head so that she was looking into his eyes. “Please.” His eyes asked. “Don’t hurt me.” She surprised herself, and she leaned forward, kissing him softly. He kissed her back, passionately, and she opened her mouth, slipping her tongue inside his. Her slender hands ran up his arms and through his hair, resting in his curls, and he clutched her waist, wrapping one arm around it, while the other played in her hair. She pushed her body into the V of his legs, sucking his bottom lip gently while his tongue rubbed the bottom of hers, and the sudden pressure made him moan softly. Suddenly, there was a banging on the door, and they jumped apart. “Wolf,” came Hook’s voice, “Are you sick? What are those noises?” “Uh, yes, very sick. I don’t think I can eat dinner,” she called, pushing Peter out the window. She closed it and stood against it just as Hook burst through the door. Kissing her head, he said, “Well, then, love, you will be missed.” She rubbed her head as the door shut behind him. “Putrid.” Tiger Lily unfolded herself from the cabinet slowly, and Wolf sucked in her cheeks. “Oh, no.” She thought. “I forgot that Tiger Lily likes Pan…and that…she was there, oh, no, why do I feel so bad? I’m a pirate, stop being a sissy, Wolf.” Tiger Lily came over slowing, and she tried to hold back the tears that insisted on coming unsuccessfully. Wolf asked quietly, “Just give back what you stole, and we’ll be fine.” She held out a hand, and Tiger Lily shook her head, slowly saying, “Never fine.” She put something in Wolf’s hand and closed the pirate’s finger around it before she could glimpse it, backing over to the side of the room and opened the window, leaping out it with amazing force. Wolf watched her swim away and sighed. Slowly, she opened her fingers. “Hellfire,” she said quietly. It was her mother’s heart necklace.
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