Kid [BBC] (indigo_beauty) wrote in you_can_fly,
Kid [BBC]

I used 2 that okay?

Tiger Lily was very, very bored. She was sitting in a hollow tree, her knees tucked up under her chin and her head was getting wet from the drops that fell on the part that stuck out. She let her head fall onto her knees and closed her eyes. There was nothing to do but sleep...
Fifteen minutes later, she felt a gentle shake. She looked up to see a drenched Peter grinning at her . "Tiger Lily!" He grabbed her hands and pulled her to her feet, getting her soaked as he whirled her in the rain. She laughed. "What?" He pulled her close and dipped her, holding her head so near to the ground her braids hung limply in piles on the forest floor. "I feel...amazing." Ecstatically, he leaned over and kissed her, and the two were set off balance. They lay in a heap on the ground, Peter sprawled over the small Indian, and he held himself up by his elbows, his face inches from hers. Both were shocked from the fall and the kiss and tthe new feelings, and finally, Peter spoke. "Do you mind if know- again?" She shook her head slowly, and leaned up. The boy kissed her a second time, and she put one hand on his cheek to end it. He leaned back and shifted his weight, lying next to her with one hand resting in the curve of her hip. TIger Lily looked thoughtful. " you think we're growing up?" She worried. He jerked his hand from her waist and sat up. "Never. It's only a game, Tiger Lily- only a game!" He flew off into the air and left her alone in the clearing. SLoly, she stood and walked off in the direction of the camp. Lifting her head, she saw a glint and her face crumpled. John stood in a soaked nightgown, his glasses wet and misty, feet muddy. He looked crushed, and Tiger Lily knew he'd been watching. "John..." she faltered. "I can explain-" He sighed as he turned to walk away. "No." WHen he was a few feet away, he turned back and looked her in the eye, and she shrank from his gaze. "And to think...I was waiting for you."
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